Sunday, 6 May 2018

Sundays were special...

Sunday, 6/May 2018

I was always looking forward to Sundays as it was the time when the parents had time to go for a walk and after the walk to a Restaurant and it was great to get a “Orangina”softdrink in a little bottle all for one self. We had a Sunday dress, naturally home made with lots of love by the mothers. Sunday shoes and Sunday socks.  Sometimes after the bath on Saturday evening the hair was put into paper  curlers to have beautiful  curls on Sunday  morning. With the advancing day's activities they would slowly dissolve. Sometimes we were send to church. The parents did not go to church. I did not mind to go. I liked the Organ music and the busy work at the altar. I did not understand the concept of  talking/praying to a “god” I did not know, had never seen, and seemed to live in heaven surrounded by girls with wings, curly hair and white dresses, called angels. It was accepted that they all were female with the expectancy of baby angels which were mainly naked and little baby boys. And god himself was a man.  Heaven was described as something beautiful, where people went when they died and had be good . A concept so abstract that I as a child of 8 was completely confused, but as I still believed in fairy tales it was ok. The world  was a little place were Sundays were special.

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