Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday; passion;

Mike Hawthorn Lemans winner 1955,  driving a preview lap on the Lemans track in a Jaguar.

Watch this video, unique from 1956

A very interesting film clip from Chris, to think that I owned XKD 540 all those years ago during my involvement with Jaguar !

Amazing to see all the people and traffic on the road with Mike traveling at up to 180 Mph (300 km/h)

And to think that Mike lost his life in a  accident in a Jaguar 3.4, maybe no seat belt, who knows ?
Travel Safely,
Cheers BillC

Bill C. his E-type 1960

Loved the microphone set  – not much micro about it.

How would you like to be coming around a corner in whatever , car ,motor cycle or bike or coming out of your drive on your tractor & there is a D Type at speed?


  1. Great footage! I was surprised to see the cars and people on the road with the speed he was traveling at. Love the car!

  2. Carla, yes it is amazing, a different time, thank you for your visit.

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