Friday, 12 March 2010

Food glorious food;

It is still raining and very windy. I am going shopping today to buy the ingredients for dinner with the family on Saturday. It will be simple, but delicious. As I usually cook everything from scratch it is still a lot to prepare and cook, lots of fun too.

As entree I prepare Tapas;

White pizza to eat with different cured meat and salami.
I have to make the Pizza dough, but I buy the cured meat.

Gildas; small skewers with anchovies, green Olives and chillies. (Gilda means Lollipop!)
I buy the best anchovies cured in olive oil and green olives but I have chillies in the garden.

Slices of lightly toasted french bread topped with sauted mushrooms and aioli.
I buy a stick french bread, saute the bought mushrooms and make aioli, a mayonnaise with garlic.
Tiny blinis with salmon and creme fraiche.
I make the blinis, small omelets, buy salmon and creme fraiche,
Small grilled eggplant rolls filled with chillie jam and Feta.
I grill eggplants from the garden, use homemade chillie jam and the best available bought Feta cheese

For the main meal I cook delicious shepherd's pies served individually in small earthenware pots. This time of year I have to buy potatoes as there are non available yet from the garden.
I buy only organic potatoes, if possible. I buy 1.5 kg shin beef and mince the meat with my mincer attachment on my Kitchen Aid.

For dessert I make a creme caramel. I use organic sugar to make the caramel, organic milk, and eggs from my chooks. I am "decadent" and add whipped cream to make it very smooth.

To drink, who likes what, Beer, Campari, red and white wine, natural soft drink, wellwater, Brandy Alexander;

This is the menu, we, that is, Eight of us, will eat for dinner on Saturday evening.

It is still raining and the wind comes in gusts, never mind I am shopping and then I am cooking!

What are you cooking on Saturday evening for dinner with family, friends or just for yourself?