Sunday, 10 July 2016

Good News.

May I introduce Boo, the homepot;
a great helper,
vacuums and dusts,
cleans windows and bathrooms,
lives happily ever after in a cupboard.

Do not ask, no cooking, but might do the kitchen afterwards if you order one with an extra button.

The war machine scientists have changed course. They have abandoned the production of killing machines  and are now producing very welcome helpers for the household.

For sale now at  any arms industry.

©Titania Everyday

Sepia Saturday 338; 9, July 2016; Mesmerized;

Our theme image this week features a picture of a walking man which is taken from the collection of the Sepia Saturday Flickr Group. The description is as follows:

"A man walks down a street in Dunfermline, Scotland. We know from the written notation of the reverse of the photograph that the date was the 3rd May 1949. This is not a typical "walking snap" ...

no walking man snap but the plate window behind is my theme for Sepia Saturday 338;

In the 1870s,  New Yorks Department stores started to display Christmas cheer.
The elaborate displays  were loved and appreciated  by young  and old, waiting with anticipation for the unveiling of Christmas window displays. Many department stores  have been well-known for their impressive Christmas window spectacles for generations. The availability of large sheets of plate glass in the nineteenth century  led to the concept of using department store windows to attractively display the store's merchandise.


1920's  a child's pleasure.

Wigs display in Paris.

A shop window display of underwear, c 1935.
 Photograph showing a display of underwear in a lingerie shop including the 'Body Belt'. 
The notice reads: 'For the Slim - We introduce the new Body Belt with a unique graduated all-way stretch'. 
The manufacturer appears to be J Roussel. (Daily Herald Archive / SSPL via Getty Images) 

Shop in Murano Italy, displaying Murano jewellery. (My daughter Lilli.) 2007

Old  Photos courtesy Pinterest.