Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sepia Saturday 210; it was not such a good idea;

My mother had a beautiful, old photo album. On the outside it was quilted and inside were thick green  cardboard pages, filled with old photos. Christmas came along and I decided to give my mother a new photo album. I took out all the old photos and pasted them in the album I bought with my pocket money, I think I was 14. I had a lot of work because I also made drawings and wrote captions under the photos.  In my view it was splendid, so much nicer then the old one which I threw into the garbage.  Christmas eve arrived, we exchanged presents and I gave my mother my creation. I did not know what came upon me. My mother did not like the new album and wanted  me to put all the photos back into her old album. Then I had to confess that I threw it away; oh the rage about my carelessness about old valuable things. . My father felt sorry for me and said:" why don't we all look at this new album and enjoy it, look it is all so nicely done. My mother never acknowledged it and I did not blame her, but it was a big disappointment for me and it did hurt. I guess I also learned a lesson!

This old wooden box contains many old photos;

I have many old and newer photo albums;

I always liked this one. My Uncle Richard, now 90 years old made it.

Nice times and nice holidays.

Holidays with the cousins.

My young children  3 and 4 got hold of this album and tore out many photos.

These pages are part of the album I made for my mother!

One of my favourite photos was always this  hand coloured  black and white photo. I am the girl with the injured knee. I think it is from 1946.

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