Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sepia saturday 182; girls and horses;

This time I left the photos in their original state. I thought the faded, old photos looked quite nice and in a way suit Sepia Saturday. I hope you agree.

ML and David, a well trained and clever little stock horse. He helped to round up the cattle.

Chichi was ML's horse. Strong and wilful, both of them!

Grooming and caring for the horses was a favourite task for the girls.


J. prefered the small motor bike.

Down to the river for a quick dip;

This used to be the milk house, we did not have dairy cows. It was not used for a long time. The dairy herd of this farm had the reputation of producing the best cream.

L. was the girl to look after animals and birds in need  of TLC.

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tuesday; fads;

I don’t like decoration fads which involve living fish. It is cruel to keep goldfish in small bowls or as under table decorations or as a bathroom sink decoration. Gold fish are living beings they need room to swim, sun and rain. Gold fish belong in an outside pond not inside. People are very thoughtless, cruel  and stupid when it comes to animals, fish or birds. 

Who had these brain dead ideas of using gold fish as decorations?

I have a pond with gold fish, watching them how they enjoy the sun in the morning, how they play when it is raining, they nibble on algae and find a lot of other foodstuff which they enjoy. They play with each other,  they come to the surface to look around, they are living, breathing beings, not playthings for stupid people who want to impress who knows who!

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Monday; monday....

Keep it in your mind
Every day is the best day for you.
You are lucky,
because it belongs to you, whatever you make of it.
It can sparkle with pleasure or  fret with anguish it is up to you and  to you only.  Titania


©Photo/Text Ts
Photos from my garden.