Sunday, 15 March 2015

Library cat; March;

A stash of books to read;

The Tournament
by Matthew Reilly

"Chess, Aschan claimed, taught many important lessons: to flatter one's opponent, to lay traps and to see them laid, to be bold and to restrain one's tendency to boldness, to appear naive when in truth one is alert, to see the future many moves ahead and to discover that decisions always have consequences,

A rumour persists, that the first chess tournament was hel d in the 16th century, long befiore the one in  London took place in 1851.

Currawalli Street
by Christopher Morgan
a powerful and moving dance through time.

We all have secret lives and we are all pretty good at keeping them secret.
In 1914,Thomas the young rector, questions his faith and falls in love; his sister Janet adutiful spinster, hides a surprising secret; and their neighbour Rose is burdenend with visions of the coming hell. In 1972, Jim, a soldier fresh from Vietnam, returns home to Currawalli street...
and always there is the boy up in the tree watching them all..

The Book Thief
by Markus Zusak
...the day had been sweaty and hot...In :The Last Human Stranger" there was a quote near the end page 211,
The sun stirs the earth, Round and round, it stirs us like stew. At the time, Liesel only thought of it because the day was so warm.

Flowers of Baghdad
by Bruce Lyman
...bringing the lives of ordinary people in strife-torn Baghdad into focus.

...I see the distinctive kick of dust...the boiling cloud of dust and smoke that lifts like a small Hiroshima cloud over the stomach churns...two bombs, two big blasts near the hospital.

From the first picture books  held in chubby toddlers hands a long lasting friendship with  books is forged. Ts