Saturday, 31 July 2010

Sepia Saturday; School photo;

My Mothers school. I am not sure in which year this was taken. My Mother is the sixth girl on
the right side at the back of the row. She wears her hair up in plaits. she wears a jumper with white spots, her arms are at the back. All the children make very serious faces. Photography then was not an every day event. The room is very bare, everything in education, teaching and bringing up the children was very different. (please click the picture)

Sepia Saturday click here and enjoy nostalgia at its best.

Google is sometimes very annoying it just did not align properly, when I published, grrrr...

Photo TS

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Yearnings for summer;

Tall, orange Cannas;

The warm scent of Abelia;

Silky orchids;

Red, ripe tomatoes;

Pink daylilies;

I don't know why she is yearning for summer, winter is not to bad!