Saturday, 27 July 2013

Sepia Saturday 187; old books;

Before the PC arrived,
there were books nothing but books;

Before PC's there were just books to learn from, like these old, leather bound books for electrical Engineers.

I have learned to read at an early age  and since then I have been fascinated by books. Both these old books have shaped my life. They were already old when they found their way into my bookshelf.
The one on the left is bound into fine, soft suede, which shows now  bad signs of old age. It is an encyclopaedia which was full of knowledge for a hungry child. The other a very old book about biology, botany which opened up my love and interest in plants at an early age.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wednesday; famous...

Chester E. Macduffee,  his newly patented, 250 kilo diving suit, 1911.

It must have been scary to dive in this monster suit.

Attorney at law, Mohandas Gandhi, 1893.

In September 1888, at age 18, Gandhi left India, without his wife and newborn son, in order to study to become a barrister (lawyer) in London. Attempting to fit into English society, Gandhi spent his first three months in London attempting to make himself into an English gentleman by buying new suits, fine-tuning his English accent, learning French, and taking violin and dance lessons. After three months of these expensive endeavours, Gandhi decided they were a waste of time and money. He then cancelled all of these classes and spent the remainder of his three-year stay in London being a serious student and living a very simple lifestyle.

This  earnest  looking young man would one day be the  famous Charlie Chaplin

 The last Tasmanian Tiger, 1933.

The TasmanianTiger, unfortunately hunted to extinction. One more "glorious deed" of the human race.

This girl working in a factory in 1944,  was later the famous  Marilyn  Monroe.

Hope you enjoyed this "famous" trip back.

Courtesy ; excerpts from  Gandhi's Biography and 
Ink Tank

Monday, 22 July 2013

Monday; memories;

My stylish mother; spring 1930

But who shall so forecast the years
And find in loss a gain to match?
Or reach a hand thro' time to catch
The far-off interest of tears?
Alfred Lord Tennyson