Monday, 9 November 2009

I love rain;

C J Dennis1876-1938, written in 1913

Adelaide and Oodnadatta,
Pepegoona, parched and dry
Laugh beneath a dripping sky.
Riverina's thirsting plain
Knows the benison of rain.
Ararat and Arkaroola
Render thanks with Tantanoola
For the blessings they are gaining,
And it's raining - raining - raining!

Weeps the sky at Wipipee
Far Farina's folk are dippy
With sheer joy, while Ballarat
Shouts and flings aloft its hat.
Thirsty Thackaringa yells;
Taltabooka gladly tells
Of a season wet and windy;
Men rejoice on Murrindindie;
Kalioota's ceased complaining;
For it's raining - raining - raining!

On the wilds of Winininnie
Cattle low and horses whinny,
Frolicking with sheer delight.
From Beltana to The Bight,
In the Mallee's sun-scorched towns,
In the sheds on Darling Downs,
In the huts at Yudnapinna,
Tents on Tidnacoordininna,
To the sky all heads are craning -
For it's raining - raining - raining!

Mile on mile from Mallacoota
Runs the news, and far Baroota
Speeds it over hill and plain,
Till the slogan of the rain
Rolls afar to Yankalilla;
Wallaroo and Wirrawilla
Shout it o'er the leagues between,
Telling of the dawning green.
Frogs at Cocoroc are croaking,
Booboorowie soil is soaking,
Oodla Wirra, Orroroo
Breathe relief and hope anew.

Wycheproof and Wollongong
Catch the burden of the song
That is rolling, rolling ever
O'er the plains of Never Never,
Sounding in each mountain rill,
Echoing from hill to hill…
In the lonely, silent places
Men lift up their glad, wet faces,
And their thanks ask no explaining -
It is raining - raining - raining!

C J Dennis, Poet & Journalist was born in Auburn, South Australia, on 7 September 1876, he was christened Clarence Michael James, and afterwards given the confirmation name of Stanislaus. He preferred to be known as Den.
After formal education in Gladstone, Laura and Adelaide, Den worked in a number of diverse positions, such as a solicitor's clerk, a member of the staff of the Critic (a weekly Adelaide journal), and a hotel barman. Already writing, a number of his early verse were published in the’Critic’ in 1898.

Raindrops on Salvia;


  1. Beautiful poem and photos. I'm glad I found your blog.

  2. Das ist eine zauberhafte Ode an den Regen liebe Titania. Ich denke, wenn es so heiss ist wie in Südaustralien hat der Regen eine ganz andere Bedeutung als hier bei uns.
    Ein lieber Gruss

  3. I also like rain, but in summer. In autumn I'd rather stay home and drink some tea, when it rains... Liebe Gruesse aus Neusiedl am See, Oesterreich!

  4. Great poem, great poet. Wish we could have some more.

  5. I am thoroughly entertained by Clarence Michael James' poetry. He sure did well with his Australian Geography!

    And I love the rain cloud, the rain, the droplets on Salvia ....

    it's flooding, flooding, flooding over in the outback of Central Tablelands, where we used to live!