Friday, 30 October 2009

Early in the morning;

I feed the fish...

and Mrs. Benteli, she is always waiting or comes running when she sees me;

This little pair of native, crested pigeons arrive as soon as they see me feeding Mrs. Benteli. They have become fairly tame and usually breed in the garden. Generally they bring up one baby. I do not feed them to much, they still have to do their own foraging.

Billy loves a few grains as well!!

The Angelina's can never wait...they also get kitchen scraps, fruit and greens. In spring they love lots of dandelion leaves. They always look good with glossy, black feathers. They enjoy special treats too. These hens are nice and friendly birds always talking to me.

Please consider buying free range eggs. Battery hens are not happy birds. They are very poor, abused creatures.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Purple carpet;

Today it looks fine, the sky a freshly washed blue.The coarse, dry lawn has become a purple carpet. The pretty bells look silvery in the early sunlight.

The day has only just started and I am still free as a bird.
Later I have to drive into town to go to the pharmacy to prolong the hired crutches. P. is not very happy with them I have to ask for something better, more sophisticated! I think there is nothing else available and he has to get used to the ones he has got. It will be at least another 5 weeks...long weeks for a very active man! Patience is not a word he knows well!! He has to be a fast learner!

A little rain and the Daylilies start to show their amazing patterns and colours. The earlier ones were very beautifully plain! Now they have become show pieces with frills and curls on their petals.
Fine lines of gold along the rim of the petals, they are getting very diva like.

I am glad I do not have to water the gardens today.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Enfin, the rain has come. It has not come in great big puddles but just about 35mm. The garden was very dry. The daylilies had really a hard time, all of them not just the newly planted ones.
I am very pleased for the 35 mm and a big thank you to the Rain goddesses.

Today we had to get back to the hospital to have Peter's ankle checked and xrayed again. So far so good; his plaster was exchanged, he could choose the is green...
We go to the public hospital, there is some waiting, but the service is excellent everybody is kind, cheerful and very helpful and it is all free. The public hospitals always get blamed and bad mouthed. I think the concept of the PH is wonderful as are the nurses, doctors therapists and others who are involved to help you to feel better.