Sunday, 28 December 2014

Happy New Year 2015;

...say good bye to the old 2014..

Sunrise, January 2014

In a few days….a new year makes its great entrance; it comes with hope and gilded dreams. Whispering about its seasons that come and go; It smiles and  means to be a happy Year for all. Ts

January/figs are ripe

February/Tillandsia flowering;

March/Escargot found in the butterfly garden;

April/Rain, Plectranthus and Roses

May/ blue sky

June/ rain and fungi

July/ a cold winter, the beautiful Elina is flowering

August/Dendrobium Orchids make an appearance.

September/spring has arrived, Louisiana Iris;

October/ Gladioli and new daylilies in the bulb garden

November/ Miss Bella,a  phyton, has emerged from hibernation; in all the years she has lived in the garden, she has grown considerably, she is not poisonous, has become quite friendly, she knows, she is welcome.

December/Bromeliads as nature intended them to grow, big and bold collecting water and nutrients,

©Ts Photos and text/ Titania-Everyday.