Saturday, 4 January 2014

Sepia Saturday 209; TuTaTo;

Post Auto or PostBus as this Bus is called today in Switzerland, is a Swiss Icon, every child knew and  still knows, my guess, the big yellow bus with is particular sound of "tutato"  when driving around the dangerous corners of  steep and long winding roads in the mountains.

I guess in the 1950is  or a bit later. See the skis at the back.

PostAuto Schweiz in Swiss Standard German,  Now Postbus. CarPostal Suisse in Swiss French, and AutoPostale Svizzera in Swiss Italian) is a subsidiary company of the Swiss Post, which provides regional and rural bus services throughout Switzerland, and also in France and Liechtenstein. In Swiss German dialect they are also called Poschi or Poschti.
The Swiss Post  Auto service evolved as a motorized successor to the stagecoaches that previously carried passengers and mail in Switzerland, with the Swiss postal service providing postbus services carrying both passengers and mail. The buses operated by PostBus are a Swiss icon, with a distinctive yellow livery and three-tone horn. The company uses an image of a posthorn as a logo on its buses and elsewhere. On some mountain roads, indicated by a traffic sign of a yellow posthorn on a blue background, the buses have priority over other traffic.

Lenzerheide, Heidsee, 1920

1849: Creation of the postal network diligence.
1906: First service of PostBus between Bern and Detligen.
1919: Inauguration of the line crossing the Simplon Pass.
1921: Grimsel Pass, Furka Pass, San Bernardino Pass and Oberalp Pass are open to traffic.
1923: A three-tone horn is installed on the buses travelling on mountain routes.
1949: The bus lines of the Principality of Liechtenstein are operated by PostBus.
1959: All buses are of the same yellow color.
1961: Last service of horse diligence on the line Avers-Juf*.
2003: For the first time, PostBus carried more than 100 million passengers.
2005: PostBus Switzerland established as a subsidiary company of Swiss Post.

Juf 2126 m or 6975 ft above sea level

Juf is a village in the municipality of Avers in the canton of GraubündenSwitzerland. At 2,126 metres (6,975 ft) above sea level, it is the highest village with permanent residents in Switzerland and in Europe. Juf has a population of about 24 inhabitants divided over 6 families in a concentrated settlement. They were 20 in 1991 and 30 in 2001. The first inhabitants were immigrant Walser who arrived in 1292.

The first Post Auto Chur-Tschiertschen 1925, transporting Mail and people;

1951, with a slide back roof. 

The posthorn, children sang perhaps still do, tutato Postch isch do...or tutao Poscht Auto...♫


Friday, 3 January 2014

Wednesday; spotted..

Yesterday, nipping out into the herb garden to get some fresh herbs, I saw this beautiful, big Praying Mantis, folded  up long delicate wings, boldly looking at me. I hurried back to get my camera, a moment later she flew off.

I am never without thoughts and quotes,  here are a few for 2014,

Do not make New Years resolution you won’t keep them anyway! Ts

What you are today you are tomorrow! Ts

Do not change for anyone, and never think,  that anyone will change for you. Ts

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Wednesday, 1. January 2014

Think, that every day is your best day in 2014!

The best, the green grass of home.

The best, fine home cooked food.

The best, take care of nature. without a healthy  environment,
all your other efforts are doomed and hopeless.

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