Saturday, 19 June 2010


There is a lot of gardening to be done in the cool season. A few new comers have been added.
Bougainvillea "Coconut Ice". The colour is very luminous which does not really show in the picture. I planted it in a pot with the intention to curb its vigour a little but still let its roots make their way into the ground which will save on watering. I prune it after flowering.

This startled looking cat has found her way into the herb garden planted with a variegated thyme.

The herb garden is also turning more and more in a little rose garden. Yesterday I planted "Brandy" a hybrid tea rose, as they do generally well in winter, spring and autumn. In summer they struggle with the humidity and hot weather. Brandy is a yellow apricot blend. I also bought
again "Just Joe" also for the herb garden. The two colours will compliment each other.

Lady Mann grows in a big pot for many years. It is an Australian bred Rose by Alistair Clark.
Here she looks a bit bedraggled from the rain we had over night...

Generally she looks like this...perfect!
I also bought a new red torch Ginger for which I have to find a good spot. When I plant it I will split it and share it with my daughter Marie-Louise.