Saturday, 21 May 2016

Sepia Saturday 331; 21/05/2016

Sepia Saturday 331 theme image shows three award winning babies at a 1938 Baby follow the theme,  I have chosen a painting of mother and child.

This detailed Romanesque scene features a mother with her baby.  This painting is a fine example of Romantic realism. Perfect use of shadows and sunlight creates emotion in the painting. The child looks with interest into a world  to explore, happily bouncing its arms as babies do.
It is quite hard to find smiling, happy looking babies, or babies at all in early paintings. It is a little like babies did not exist. Or they are painted as little Jesus with a flat or frightened face. 
The mother, assumed it is the mother, looks down to the street. She looks beautiful and happy and gentle. She wears an unusual  hair cover. The fine shawl shows a hint of a beautiful border, the opacity hints of a red shirt below. 
The painting is rich in detail and vibrant in colour, curious, as nothing is known of the painter or the woman and child, nor the place, street, town or country. 

Italian School Genre Scene Antique Oil Painting, Mother and Child, 19th Century.

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Sepia Saturday 331 : 21 May 2016

Courtesy Silla fine Antiques.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Thursday.. magic in the garden..

Mystic and playful,
 charming and savage,
Most are bewitching; we must be cautious.




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