Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sepia Saturday 144; many small arms;

As far as I know and I could not find any old family photos of convicts or people with missing heads or limbs in my family album; I admit perhaps the odd one got to much to the  side and  an arm or leg  is missing, but the heads are all there! No  convicts in my family .Many Australians are very proud  to have some, even if the ancestor just snatched a fine hanky she was transported  as the colony needed people! For the men a hanky was not enough, they poached a hare or snatched a horse and the result was transportation for seven years, but for most there was no return!  

I had to settle for some small innocents who were a little bothered by the sun while the photo was taken.Up went the little arms for protection. I think it is rather sweet.

I do not know who these children are.  I don't know who made the photo or where it was taken. The tiny girl  on the right with the spotted dress is Peter's youngest sister, Marianne; it is probably around 1943. There are six boys and two girls, perhaps  Kindergarten in the village.


Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday; for the birds...

New Grevillias for my garden;

When I planted my first grevillias there were not so many hybrids available. Some last long and some don't.

Yesterday I bought

Yamba Sunshine, an open, tall shrub 3m  yellow flowers,
Lady O,  short red flowers pointing downwards, quite exquisite,  1.5 m,
Sandra Gordon, with long, brilliant yellow flowers tall up to 3m, was always a favourite,
Coloundra Gem, salmon flowers 2m,  hope it will do well,
Honeybird pink, shrub to 1.5 m

When freshly planted they need  to be looked after and watered, once they start to grow well they will be quite drought resistant and just need a little pruning from time to time to keep them compact.

I also bought a Rose  for my tiny rose garden; "Love Potion"  has a wonderful fragrance. I grew this rose before.
A couple of punnets of miniature Zinnias for the herb garden, which will be flowering in the summer's heat  as well, while the Petunias have packed up and gone home!

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thursday; blogging;

Dampiera stricta; Australian perennial; 

Yesterday I met Diane and Bill, blogger friends from some years back.  Link Adventure before Dementia;   We had lots to talk and laugh about. It was so nice to meet you; thank you for this lovely plant.
Today I am going up to Redland to a nursery. I have to replace some of my native plants in the garden. I will get a bigger pot for this one, as it likes to spread its roots! 

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday; a furry visitor;

Sunday morning,  eating breakfast I saw something  disappearing very very fast up  a palm tree. Billy was rummaging around, luckily he leaves the animals alone. When he was a puppy he took  small lizards in his mouth  but let them unharmed out again. This behaviour is unusual with a Jack Russel. But he has always been an unusual fellow.
Anyway, I went and had a look, I thought it was a Pheasant, as they always stick around  to look for nests with baby birds. When I looked up I saw a Koala  sitting on a palm leaf and holding on to the next.
At around lunchtime I returned to the palm tree but the Koala had disappeared. 

A little later I saw it going up a paperbark, but did not feel comfortable and left...

 walked all the way to the end of the garden and quickly climbed a  frangipane tree, which gave me an opportunity to snap a few photos.

It looked at me and then decided...

to climb over the fence into my neighbours garden, where it very fast climbed up a very high gum tree and disappeared  high up in the branches. Generally they live there and feed on the leaves.  But it was nice to see this  furry visitor. Usually they are very high up and it is hard to see them as they blend so well with the colours of the gum trees.

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