Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Library cat;

Water colour “Library Cat” by Craig Roffler

Books I liked;

 Book of Fires by Jane Borodale

1752 Agnes Trussel, 17, has run away from her rural  home, burdened by two guilty secrets. she arrives in London, shocked by its squalor and poverty. She finds work  as an assistant to a fire work maker. She learns to make rockets, stars and other fiery fireworks; She meets a young seller of gunpowder and hatches a plan to get hr out of her predicament...and so the story goes, well written and interesting plot.

The Glass Painter's Daughter by Rachel Hore.

In a tiny stained-glass shop hidden in the backstreets of Westminster lies the cracked, sparkling image of an angel. The owners of Minster Glass have also been broken: Fran Morrison's mother died when she was a baby; a painful event never mentioned by her difficult, secretive father Edward. Fran left home to pursue a career in foreign cities, as a classical musician.

In heaven an angel is nobody in particular.
George Bernard Shaw, Maxims for Revolutionists.

Interesting, well written and a happy ending.

China Rose; Old Blush flowering in my garden.


Monday, 27 October 2014

Ode to a tree...

 you see a tree,
 its awesomeness takes your breath away;
you may feel,
the most beautiful in the world is a tree in full flower,
 holding on to its place with an intrinsic stubbornness, displaying innocence and fragrance
 in an abundance of beauty 
 colour, layer upon layer,
 humming and trembling with life.

Grevillia robusta/ Silky Oak;

25 years ago this tree was a tiny seedling I gave to my neighbour. He planted it in his garden. 
In the past 25 years t the garden has changed hands many times, Yet, the tree is still here, has matured and  become part of this  garden. 

©Photo/text Ts.