Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Enfin, the rain has come. It has not come in great big puddles but just about 35mm. The garden was very dry. The daylilies had really a hard time, all of them not just the newly planted ones.
I am very pleased for the 35 mm and a big thank you to the Rain goddesses.

Today we had to get back to the hospital to have Peter's ankle checked and xrayed again. So far so good; his plaster was exchanged, he could choose the is green...
We go to the public hospital, there is some waiting, but the service is excellent everybody is kind, cheerful and very helpful and it is all free. The public hospitals always get blamed and bad mouthed. I think the concept of the PH is wonderful as are the nurses, doctors therapists and others who are involved to help you to feel better.


  1. So what have we here...a new blog? Love the header picture. The rain is a good to see but we didn't get very much.At least the tank will be full again. The colour of the day lily is lovely. I only have the yellow ones and they haven't bloomed yet.
    Sorry to hear Peter has a broken ankle. I must have missed a post telling about it. I'll go look through your other blogs.

  2. Hi Diane, thank you for visiting. It is nice to see your cheerful face and read your nice comment. In winter I have planted many new DL; unfortunately the very dry spring is not the optimum for them. Luckily they are tough and resilient. I can divide them in winter so, perhaps if you want some different colours you could come and get some, we are not that far from Brissy!! ( I was playing around with "Googeli" and thought yes, why not, its free and fun!) Enjoy.