Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tuesday; seed;

The beauty of herbs; Dill from the herb garden.

It is not important to think,  I am right, it is more important  to do right. Ts

©Photos my garden; Ts/Titania-Everyday


  1. I remember as a kid on the farm that this plant would grow up each year as a volunteer along our vegetable garden. My dad would plow but it would still come up anyway every year.

  2. Larry; Cucumber dill pickles are popular in Europe. The fresh herb is used in cucumber salad.

  3. That is a healthy looking Dill.

  4. That's one I've yet to grow; I did grab a root of what I think is wild fennel which was growing all over the mountainside, but haven't risked it yet, in case I'm wrong.It smells lovely in my herb patch though.