Monday, 1 February 2010

Lunch with the family;

The table is ready for a companionable lunch with the family;

A good Red, Shiraz "Cow Bombie" Margaret River, Western Australia;

Heirloom Napkins;

The Poeta bought me this contraption to cut onions etc. He saw it and bought it, thought it would be a big help to cut the onions. It is alright when one has to cut lots of onions like for Goulash or onion Pie or Pissaladiere etc. I usually cut the onions by hand. It is definitely not a MUST HAVE!

I cooked Capsicums filled with Rice and Mushrooms; Lamb and a mixed salad.
I did not make an Entree because Lilli had prepared an elaborate, filling dessert.

(When I removed it from the oven looking delicious; I forgot to take a picture of the finished dish...LOL)

Lilli made this Bread and Butter Pudding, it was yummy; would anybody like the recipe?


  1. That looks like a lovely and table both. About to have a lunch with friends of leftover paella and choc. bread pudding made with leftover croissants. The boys have a day off school after a week-end skiing and snowboarding, they will love it.

  2. Lovely setting. (Unfortunately we don't like capsicum very much).

  3. Helo Titania
    Mmmm schaut das lecker aus! Da bekomme ich Appetit zu später Stunde, hat bestimmt alles gut geschmeckt-:)
    Zwiebeln schneide ich auch mit dem Messer, ich bin recht allergisch darauf und muss dabei immer viel "weinen", deshalb brauche ich nicht allzuviel davon.
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. So pretty, and delicious too!

  5. Looks a delicious lunch with the family! All is very beautiful.

    Love your header!