Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Hot, The Loud and the Proud;

It is end of April and following Noel's meme "The hot the loud and the proud", it is time to show some of my attention seeking plants and flowers from my garden.

Crotons with their strong coloured leaves are one of them especially when illuminated by the sun.

Epidendron- or also called Crucifix Orchids are favourites of mine. I like the strong tropical orange...
...or the yellow butterball flowers shining from the dark.

Soon the hot red leaves of the Poinsettia will be a focus in my garden throughout winter.

All come in the categories of The Hot, The Loud and The Proud;

Please follow the link to be dazzled by hot tropical colours.

All photos TS


  1. aloha titania,

    how are you, thank you for joining me today to celebrate hot colors. I love your croton back lit, it really glows all those sunset colors.

    your epidendron is exciting, are you growing it in the ground or attached to some tree?

    how interesting your poinsettia is blooming now.

  2. Loved your hot, loud and proud photos. So many familiar plants ... your croton photo was my favourite. I can't wait for my poinsettias to start flowering ... they're always such a great sight during winter.

  3. Oh, I love your epidendron! I also have the orange one, bright color in my garden! The yellow one also looks lovely. Recently I saw a pink one in nursery as well :) Good choice for the meme.

  4. I was ever so shocked to see a poinsettia in bloom at this time of year. You have some beautiful flowers - things I have never seen or heard of before.

  5. Wonderful choices for this meme! The crucifix orchids are gorgeous!

  6. I am very fond of Poinsettia's.... The Bright RED is really catchy. Great choice n Lovely snaps for the meme.

  7. great color!! been slacking off blogs...working on lights for play "chicago" at high school.