Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Hot; The Loud and The Proud; Dendrobium Orchids

For this end of month meme orchestrated by Noel Morata A plant fanatic in Hawaii
I have chosen Dendrobium Orchids. They are all growing in small hanging pots under trees.
They are easy to grow and flower abundantly every spring.

Click here to admire The Hot, The Loud and The Proud;


  1. How beauitful your orchids are, you live in a paradise:)

  2. aloha titania, yes please do, these are just gorgeous, you don't have to ask me :)

  3. Wow, Titania, those dendrobiums are amazing!

  4. What a fantastic display! Love these dendrobiums. They look really coool...

    I say you will definitely stand a chance to be a winner in a orhid show if you participate with these beauties :-D

  5. I love these blooms from your garden - they are so hard to bring back to flower here in the UK as houseplants - I find it nearly impossible to create the right conditions for them in my house.

  6. Hi Titania,
    Wonderful your orchids,they looks so so beautiful,
    Have a nice new week,

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  8. Sorry nochmals ich, da ich den falschen Absender gesetzt habe vorhin, na ja wäre ja egal gewesen eigentlich.

    Liebe Titania
    Really marvellous this orchids, so viel Schönheit *bewunder*. Hoffentlich hast Du all Deine Gartenarbeiten unter Dach und Fach bevor der Winter kommt.

    Wir haben jetzt echten Sommer mit 30 Grad C+, bald klönen wir schon über die Hitze *lach*. Doch in Erinnerung des kalten Winters verkneifen wir es uns -;)

    Liebe Grüsse in your busy days
    Heute nacht blüht die Königin der Nacht und ich bin endlich auch einmal dabei, hoffentlich gelingt es mir ein Foto zu machen.