Monday, 6 September 2010

Chocolate chip c(h)ookies...

Last week Fabrizia could not attend school as she had the German Measels. She spend a couple of days with me. We decided to bake cookies, old favourites which we called Chocolate chip chookies.

Try them and have fun with your grand children.


  1. Love the idea of chocolate chip chookies. Must try them.

  2. I think they should always be called Chocolate Chip Chookies - what fun baking with your granddaughter, she looks like she was having fun. Lovely looking girl.

  3. Alan, they are actually yummy even for "grown ups".

    Marilyn, yes we could start here something new. Faby likes baking but then which seven year old does not?

  4. I sure Fabrizia enjoyed her stay with you very much ;-) I hope that she has fully recovered by now.

  5. Such a good grandmotherly activity -- when I had "hard" measles, my parents were out of town and my grandmother kept me in a dark room. No cookies, either.

  6. Stephanie, yes she has, she went to school again on Monday.

    Meri, yes they are different the eyes are affected by light. Faby had a few red spots, very lightly, but she had a bit a fever and was not as active!
    Quarantined a week from school.

  7. lecker, lecker.. das wäre genau das richtige, für den heutigen trüben Tag!
    Habe etwas in deinen diversen Blogs herumgeschnüffelt. Zwar war ich in jungen Jahren 1/2 Jahr in England, aber das gelernte und in den letzten Jahrzehnten nicht benötigte Sprachwissen ist wohl in meinem "Archiv" gelandet. Deswegen liest sich dein Text etwas mühsam..
    Trotzdem herzliche Grüsse, Trudy

  8. Mmmm ich probiere auch gerne so ein leckeres Guetsli, danke. Die Masern waren hier letztes Jahr auch aktuell.
    Das Aqarell mit den Hennen gefällt mir, von Dir gäll?
    Liebe Grüsse und guten Wochenstart