Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday; Blue Mondays?

No, today is not a blue Monday, it is a very ordinary Monday, like any Monday before and after.  In 2012 the most depressing day of the year was said to be January 23rd.
I don't think it was depressing for me. It was Chinese New Year,and this is generally a happy time. So take your calculation and throw it in the bin!

Blue Monday is a name given to a date stated, as part of a publicity campaign by Sky Travel, to be the most depressing day of the year. It is considered pseudoscience
Perhaps I should stop here  and leave pseudoscience to the pseudo scientists!

This date was published in a press release under the name of Cliff Arnall, at the time a tutor at the Centre for Lifelong Learning, a Further Education centre attached to Cardiff UniversityGuardiancolumnist Dr. Ben Goldacre reported that the press release was delivered substantially pre-written to a number of academics by public relations agency Porter Novelli, who offered them money to put their names to it The Guardian later printed a statement from Cardiff University distancing themselves from Arnall: "Cardiff University has asked us to point out that Cliff Arnall... was a former part-time tutor at the university but left.

Hogwash makes the world go round and blue Mondays. 

Nearly forgot to say that most of this dribble comes from Wikipedia.


  1. Well, it rained during CNY. Those who intend to play firecrackers couldn't do so. Probably the pseudo scientists is right hehe...

  2. I say happy hogwash! Thanks for explaining Blue Monday a bit! Great photo you posted with this!

  3. Stephanie, Kung Hei Fat Choy!