Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday; Satire; My stinging pen.

The Observer;

Many countries in Europe are in the dregs thanks to the wonderful world of banks and Euro thugs living on high heels and powdered wigs on Government's purse in the beautiful city  of  Strasburg or whatever first class ticket they are riding on.

Spain is one of the countries with high unemployment and a dire outlook on prosperity for the people.  While they are sitting idle and supping on a plate of watery soup, they are still supporting a bunch of free wheelers in the palace.
The idea is to auction the “Royalty” off on ebay as they are the property of the Spanish people. Unfortunately they have no merits and no skills apart from spending money from the public purse, so this will be not easy.   It will be a snag to sell those  royal puppets on a string because nobody wants them!
Any idea to prop them up for a quick and easy sale,  would be appreciated, but please do not suggest a new outfit from Dior, that just won’t do.



  1. Very good comment. I always said the French had the right idea with what they did with theirs, unfortunately now it's too late for other countries to do likewise, like chop their heads off.

  2. Bill, good to hear your opinion; we got rid of them a long time ago in Switzerland; I think this antipathy for Royalty must be in the Swiss peoples blood! I mean it was the year 1391 when we first swore to get rid of the vermin!