Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thursday...oh no;

Funny but costly;

One of the lovely, brown hens at my daughters place was looking sick, sitting listlessly in a corner, not eating. A beautiful plump hen and a good layer, was looking sad.. My daughter  and I were discussing what we could do.  Talking about this and that we both  thought it was best to bring her to the vet. There is a specialist wild bird vet in the valley, he could check her out.  We packed the hen into a basket and off we went, driving all the way into the valley and up through rainforest where the vet lives. He examined her and then came to the conclusion that he could not save her and the best would be to give her an injection. He asked, if we wanted to take the bird with us or leave it with him and his assistant. We looked at each other, and ML said, we leave her with you there is no point of taking a dead hen home. OK said the vet we will give her a nice, decent funeral. My daughter and I said  at the same time! then he gave ML the bill; 40.00$ for the  examination; 30.00 for the injection; and 30.00 for the funeral!  100.00 for a dead chook, when we could have bought a live one for 20.00 $   We did not think that he overcharged but we laughed  about the fallacy of trying to save a hen.
Outside in the car we looked at each other, really we paid 100 $ for a dead hen. At least, hopefully it got a decent funeral, perhaps the vet or his assistant played  the funeral march!  

It is getting better; visiting a friend with a backyard keeping some  fowl and ducks. She said one of the ducks was  looking poorly, not eating, so she thought of bringing it to the the vet to put it to rest.  S. took the duck to the same vet in the valley.
When she picked up her duck, it cost her 800.00 $ ! She said it was quite an experience, she never owned a duck worth 800.00 $. I guess we  came away with one blue eye while poor Miss S. was thoroughly  fleeced.  Her duck died too. 


  1. One can only hope right! That's too bad about the poor hen, and hopefully you won't have this experience again! Live and well hens only need apply right! ha ha!