Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sepia Saturday 131; Fun at the fair;


Knabenschiessen is a traditional target shooting competition in Zürich .held on the second weekend of September each year. The festival, officially held for the first time in 1889, is one of the oldest in Switzerland, dating back to the 17th century
The competition is open to 13-17 year old, who either reside or are enrolled in a school in the canton of Zürich. Originally reserved for boys (German: Knaben, Plural, Singular der Knabe).
The competition has been open to female participants since 1991. The shooting is with the Swiss Army ordonnance rifle, SIG SG 550. The competition is held in the shooting range at Albisgüetli to the south-west of the city center, on the slope of Üetliberg.

Traditionally it is surrounded by a large fair.

I wished I had some of the photos, my mother made when I was a child and attended many fairs with her..
I went to fairs with my children, but I did not made photographs.

Two amateurish videos when I was in SWL and my cousins took me to the Fair in the Albisgüetli. It shows a little of the surroundings and the fair.

I have now managed to upload the videos. Enjoy. They are 1 minute each.

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  1. What a delightful and interesting post! But check out Sepia Saturday, because I didn't see your link there...unless it is now! You don't want people to miss this!

  2. That’s interesting that the shooting competition was the centre of the whole fair! Good luck with the videos.

  3. Well, the one that you got posted turned out nicely, and it shows the surrounding countryside too. I do have fair pictures of when my kids were little, but they are all over at their house 2 hours away, so I was missing being able to use them. Oh well.

    Interesting that it took 100 years for girls to be able to shoot! Good things that times do change. I really enjoyed your post, Tatiana.

    Kathy M.

  4. Hope you succeed with the videos. Shooting stalls figure in almost all Uk town fairs but only with air rifles.

  5. It's fascinating to think the shooting competition dates back to the 17th century. Wonder when they started keeping records of the yearly winners. Seeing the picture of the ferris wheel brought back memories of when I rode the double-ferris wheel at the fair when I was about ten. I wouldn't dream of riding one now, but I didn't see the potential danger back then. The fair was only in town for a week and the rides were put up so fast. Imagine they weren't very safe since they weren't permanently installed.

  6. It says 'this video is private'.There's possibly something you have to click so that we can see it.

  7. Unfortunately I couldn't view the videos either. We went to Europa World in Rust, Germany in 2006. I think it was one of the most enjoyable theme parks that we have visited.

  8. I couldn't view the videos either. I thought it was because of my iPad. I'll try tomorrow on my office computer and see if that works.

  9. Sorry, friends I left it on private; I changed it now.

  10. Wonderful! I’m so glad I was on solid ground though!

  11. Everyone in the video looks so calm! I would be really nervous if I were up there.

  12. That must be a fun fair to visit! Couldn't open the videos. Thanks for your comment on my blog- now it is clear to me which is a brug and which is a datura!

  13. I stopped the 2nd vid at 56 seconds, when it looked down.
    Thank you!! I'm done!!
    Interesting to see that this fair has nothing to do with animal trading and such.