Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thursday; scarves;

This scarf is feather light and it will dress up any T, blouse or dress; it is fairly long so it can go a couple of times around the neck. 
I have always liked scarves. My mother was the same she had so many beautiful ones. They were mainly square, while I prefer the long ones. 
Winter is the perfect time to wear these wonderful accessories. Fashionable and practical at the same time.

I bought these two today,  it said one for $12.50 or two for $ 12.00, well as I am pretty good at math I took the two!! I guess they want to get rid of them before spring comes and this is pretty clever advertising.
I am wearing the tube scarf now and it is really nice and comfortable and looks also good.

This is a tube scarf; easy to wear, light and cozy around the neck.

See what I mean, I am wearing them all the time.


  1. Nice scarves! They keep you warm and pretty at the same time :-D Nowadays I notice that the shops also label them as stoles for those long ones but they are the same I think ;-)

    Btw, I made your Goulash Soup yesterday. But in my case, I substituted the tomato paste with just 2 fresh tomatoes. For the laurel leaves, I substitute with a bunch of fresh coriander (chopped finely). We took it just like this with bread. No chilli jam or the sour cream. Still it was super yummy! Thanks again!! My friend even asked for the recipe haha... we were so happy to have found a new recipe for beef that we enjoy eating and cooking - tasty soup with a few basic ingredients. TQVM!!

  2. Stephanie; great! I do all the time substitute, It sounds super yummy with the coriander and fresh tomatoes. You can make a beef stew the same way, just less water!

    Yes I like the scarves, they dress up anything! winter I like something nice and warm around the neck.