Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tuesday; Nature's wonders;

Honey Bee collecting nectar and pollen; My Garden;

Lavishly golden,
 liquid sunshine held in tiny, waxen  chambers. 
 The  fragrance of  flowers and harvest, warmed by sun, wind and rain,
 nectar collected diligently, 
transmuted into  the sweetest  of sweets,
 for sticky, little fingers to lick and savour,
  this wonderful alchemy of  nature. 

©Photo/Text Ts



  1. With such a bunch of flowers, I don't know about the fragrance, I bet the nectar alone releases sweet smell to the air. It must have been lots of bees hanging out there. Oh so sweet :-)

  2. Hi Stephanie, the fragrance of the wisteria blooms is beautifully scenting the air. It is full of honey bees, solitary bees and other insects.

  3. We have autumn here, be it a mild one sofar. But still, you make me feel jealous ;) Beautiful picture!

  4. Peter, we have a very dry spring, since July no rain, the temps jump from hot to cool all over the place...I wonder how the garden copes. The wisteria was magnificent.