Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday; food glorious food;

Fresh strawberries from Lilli;s garden;

Sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday we cook together lunch or dinner.

Last Saturday we cooked dinner from this book...

We cooked the Barley was absolutely delicious;

For 4  serves; We used;  200 g pearl barley, 30 g unsalted butter; 90 ml olive oil, 1 small onion; 2 big garlic cloves;  a few thyme sprigs and 1 bay leaf; 1/4 teasp. chilly flakes, 400 g tin tomatoes organic if possible;  3 tablespoons  tomato paste, organic as well; 700 ml water, half a tblespoon caraway seeds slightly roasted.
Feta, we used around 150g , a bit less than in the recipe,  broken into pieces; some oregano leaves.
chilly flakes are home made, bay leaf and oregano grow in the herb garden. The barley risotto is cooked like a risotto but it does not need as much attention and it takes longer. Ours took a bit more then 3/4 of an hour, 
cooked in a tagine with lid on,  regulo 3 on a Miele cooktop. Served with Oregano leaves and feta on top. 

This is actually a vegetarian dish, we used less feta as we served it with a small leg of lamb.

For dessert; Strawberries fruit salad served with a little natural yogurt and and a little whipped cream; delicious and decadent!

We all enjoyed this escapade to Jerusalem;

Biblical times Crocodile; sweet!

Photos and adapted recipe courtesy from Cookbook Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi;
©Photo/text Ts


Poetic Takeaways;


Lavender and Vanilla;

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