Wednesday, 28 November 2012

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Beautifully written but a very disturbing novel.

 January 1692 - May 1692/ 
Page 162/ ... Within  the  week, we would hear from  Richard that on that day, on that exact hour, a four year old girl, Dorcas Good, was examined by three judges in the Salem Town jail. Her little feet and hands were bound by iron manacles so she could not send her spirit out and torment further the girls who were her accusers. They would later return Dorcas to her underground cell, where her mother had been sitting chained in the dark ...

The absence of  kindness,  feelings, humanity, is abhorable. The cruelty, harshness and meanness frightening.
Zealots and Perverts  are still around doing the work of their gods whoever and whatever they are, the nature of humans has not changed.

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