Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesday; what else lurkes around the corner?

Rainlillies in my garden; Zephyrantes candida;

Monday was not a good day for me. I broke one of my front teeth, the left lateral incisor. It hurt and I was very upset about it. I mean if one looses a molar, it can not be seen that a tooth is missing but in front is a different matter.
Tuesday I went to the dentist to assess the damage. Jessica my dentist was able to do a passable temporary job on it until we have figured out the best solution. Today I went to make the X-rays and after all this hassle my daughter and I went yo see  the movie QUARTET.

It is a wonderfully funny movie with beautiful music. We enjoyed it so much and If you have never seen it GO and watch it!!

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  1. I hope it cheered you up, that loss of a tooth is very upsetting.