Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thursday; not yet...W

Winter, just the first taste of it...

...brilliant sunrises...

..wrapped up in winter woollies...

..daylight at 6:30 AM.. seasons beauties in the garden.

I like this subtle season’s change to softer light, 
 seek out the sunniest spot in the morning sun
and  watch the birds  noisy and bold,
 feast  on  the  cotoneaster ‘s coral berries. 

©Photot/Text Ts


  1. You're a lucky person to see all these splendid views! Here we are still struggling to get a little bit of spring...

    1. Peter good to see you around. Like Karen said, we missed your sepia contributions.

  2. I'm guessing that your winter will still be nicer than our wintry spring that lasted far too long! Enjoy your new season!

  3. It's good to see Peter's comment, I've missed his Sepia posts, good to see him around. He's been dealing with the same spring as most of us! Oregon (parts of it) actually got snow yesterday!

    1. Karen it is odd, Is this part of "Global warming" or is this just another ruse to get more money from our pockets?! My sister in SWL too said spring is late. Then it was very hot and after they had again snow.So far here i's as usual. We always deal with droughts, floods and fire. Good to hear from you Karen. I appreciate your visits.