Thursday, 30 May 2013


....again a note, or better sort of  a map for me from my granddaughter, hidden in  this cookbook

 I had not taken out for a while.
 As I was leafing through I found a map, the paper crumpled to make it look old.

The map shows some part of my home . It must have been for a while in this cookbook. I always get these little surprises from Fabrizia. She is an interesting child always leaves me little notes hidden somewhere in books. She loves to write and carries always many note books around the pages full with small stories.
She has done that since she was tiny.She also liked to keep the receipts from the shops, which she carried around in envelopes.Letters and numbers  fascinated her. In the library she did not want picture books, she only took the ones with letters or numbers. She loves to go into a shop where they sell beautiful notebooks, sometimes I buy her one she especially covets.  It is fun to have grand children, in the holidays they come for sleepovers and they give you  spontaneously big hugs, I love you.

Fabrizia, January 2010

©Photo/text Ts


  1. lovely post, and when you're a child, it's the best thing to have grandma and be able to stay with her in the holidays :)

  2. Obviously a highly intelligent child - as well as a loving and lovely grandaughter!