Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tuesday; fads;

I don’t like decoration fads which involve living fish. It is cruel to keep goldfish in small bowls or as under table decorations or as a bathroom sink decoration. Gold fish are living beings they need room to swim, sun and rain. Gold fish belong in an outside pond not inside. People are very thoughtless, cruel  and stupid when it comes to animals, fish or birds. 

Who had these brain dead ideas of using gold fish as decorations?

I have a pond with gold fish, watching them how they enjoy the sun in the morning, how they play when it is raining, they nibble on algae and find a lot of other foodstuff which they enjoy. They play with each other,  they come to the surface to look around, they are living, breathing beings, not playthings for stupid people who want to impress who knows who!

Photo Pond/Text Ts


  1. I totally agree. Birds and fish should be free to swim and fly where they want.

  2. Those poor fish! What a ghastly idea. It's nice to see yours are so well looked after.