Thursday, 22 August 2013

Thursday; glam for the kitchen;

I had this antique chandelier  for more then 50 years. It has been packed up in a box for many years. The electrical cables  had all deteriorated and had to be replaced. I cleaned all the crystal prisms, which have a slight lavender tinge. It is quite beautiful in its simplicity. Along the cooking area I have strong led lights on the ceiling.

My kitchen is very simple, no gleaming cupboards and the latest self opening drawers and shelves! I like my kitchen it is compact, contains everything I need and easy to keep clean. I like it a lot because I love...

cooking...using vegetables in brilliant colours from my garden, picking fresh herbs  and enjoying for a moment  the sight and scents of the herb garden.

I opted for open shelves, as I like the look of it. In my mothers kitchen was a big open shelf, which contained her crockery and always a bunch of flowers.

Memories of the farm animals;

In my view the kitchen is the most important place in the home. Good food is essential  in our life. In the home kitchen, culinary cooking traditions continue,  health and contentment of the family has its roots.

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  1. What a beautiful kitchen! And how nice to get that chandelier out where you can enjoy it.

  2. Thank you Kristin, yes I like it.