Friday, 27 December 2013

Friday, bliss... 7:00 AM

Mornings would not be the same without a Nespresso Kazar, full flavour and strong, quietened with a generous splash of hot, frothed milk, I am spoilt I want the best.

Do you drink coffee and have you got a favourite?

©Photo Ts


  1. I really don't have a favorite. I like lots of varieties like hazelnut and some dark roast varieties. I have some that I just don't like as they have wandered too far away from coffee flavors. I want a machine like yours but am waiting for just the right time to buy it. I have watched them come up for sale especially during the Christmas season. They would make a great gift for a coffee addict like me. I wish you a very happy new year.

  2. Larry, there is no better coffee around, yes so many varieties. It makes it interesting. My favourites are also the darker, stronger roasts, I adore a good espresso. I had this machine for at least four years. You have to put it on your wishlist, under urgent!