Monday, 3 February 2014

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A book to read...

Chasing The Light by Jesse Blackadder;

It's the early 1930s. Antarctic open sea whaling is booming 
and a territorial race for the mysterious continent is in full swing.

Page 182
The iceberg was ever a word so inadequate? - floated towards her, tall and faceted in pur opaque white.
From every crack and gouge shone a blue so intense that it hurt her eyes;  a blue that made her throat catch.
Page 183 was like staring into a piece of sky, trapped and glowing from within the iceberg with unearthly light.

Page 282
The shriek of the blizzard filled her ears...she knew exactly why Antarctica screamed....her wordless fury that they dared to come with their harpoons and boilers and slaughter her children in her own waters where they had been safe for all time.

Page 294
...what an ignorant notion that had been. The place needed no human gaze to bring it into existence.
It made fools of them for competing to get there, for attempting to chart and define its outlines, for thinking that anyone could own it.

This is a fine and interesting book to read. The race of  Nations to put their flag there,  the immense slaughter of whales; and  about the first women to see Antarctica.

A Jade Iceberg in Antarctica. Image from the Australian Government Australian 

Where man goes, destruction follows. Ts

Where humans tread it's unsafe for all other creatures. Ts


  1. How sad but true.
    I wish that man was more evolve to bring and nurture life than becoming a parasite to mother earth.
    There is more destruction than conservation and time is running out for everything living on this planet.
    By the time we realise our mistake..
    it would be too late to revert the damage.

  2. James Missier, I agree, thank you for your visit and thoughtful comment.