Thursday, 22 May 2014

Outback moments;

The Heart of the Swag; Henry Lawson

Oh, the track through the scrub groweth ever more dreary,
And lower and lower his grey head doth bow;
For the swagman is old and the swagman is weary—
He’s been tramping for over a century now.
He tramps in a worn-out old “side spring” and “blucher,”
His hat is a ruin, his coat is a rag,
And he carries forever, far into the future,
The key of his life in the core of his swag. 

Getting ready, Bill is passionate about flying, he makes sure everything is in perfect order and condition, as we are spending many hours in this flying machine! 

As far as the eye can see...

There are old-fashioned portraits of girls who are grannies,
There are tresses of dark hair whose owner’s are grey;
There are faded old letters from Marys and Annies,
And Toms, Dicks, and Harrys, dead many a day.
There are broken-heart secrets and bitter-heart reasons—
They are sewn in a canvas or calico bag,
And wrapped up in oilskin through dark rainy seasons,
And he carries them safe in the core of his swag. 

Oh Yes, I could live here; I crave the the infinity of the outback sky.

I dream of a garden with one thousand roses under an outback sky.

There are letters that should have been burnt in the past time,
For he reads them alone, and a devil it brings;
There were farewells that should have been said for the last time,
For, forever and ever the love for her springs.
But he keeps them all precious, and keeps them in order,
And no matter to man how his footsteps may drag,
There’s a friend who will find, when he crosses the Border,

A glimpse of  a day, week, month, perhaps a century past.

...silver leaves and scented flowers... a song for the outback...


...and then a sandstorm approached...

to be continued an other day...

©Photos/Text Titania Everyday Ts

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