Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wednesday; simples...

No need for expensive stain removers;

Are you annoyed when wearing a t-shirt and getting grease stains on it, which are so hard to get out.

Simple dish washing detergent does the trick. Rub the grease stains and let sit for a little while before washing.  Even old grease stains can be removed like this.  I think it is the grease busting properties of dish washing detergent that does the trick.

enjoy a fun day.


  1. Ach so, eine gute Idee, ich habe bis jetzt immer Medizinalbenzin genommen um den Fettfleck wegzukriegen. Das versuche ich nächstes Mal mit dem Abwaschmittel. Ich fliege jetzt gleich wieder weg auf dem Besenstiel (lächel)
    Liebe Grüsse in den Morgen

  2. Thanks for popping by my blog. I will give this hint a go.