Friday, 19 February 2016

Friday, early morning visitors...

....a flock of yellow tailed cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus funereus) flew into the garden, to settle high up into different tall trees, but their eye was on the tall Alexandra Palm.  I was wondering what they had in mind. Knowing cockatoos it must be something mischievous. Not long and they were tearing at the palm leaves, broke them with their strong beaks and threw them down accompanied by raucous laughs and chatter at the poor, little human standing far down gazing up at them. It was hard to take photos as they were constantly moving and hiding behind the big leaves. Displaying a very playful mood, flying to and fro, tearing here and there bits of again and throwing them down at me.

A portrait of this playful, beautiful bird.  Everyday I see them fly past with lots of chatter. Sometimes they settle on the highest Araucaria in my garden, perhaps when the cones are ripe to crack.

(courtesy photo Leila Jeffreys)

One of them at work...

Courtesy photo birdlife

...can you see some? On every leaf is one or two gnawing. My guess is also they eat some starch from the thick leaf rib. The seed is not yet ripe and I have never seen the cockatoos going for the seed berries as other birds come in droves to have a feed.

Araucaria cunninghamii and Alexandra palmtree.

©Photos/Text Ts Titania Everyday

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