Monday, 8 February 2016

Kitchen renovation; give me a kitchen and I cook you a meal;

...nearly all done,  waiting for the plasterer to do the cornices.

The Kitchen, small, simple and efficient...

replaced some existing cupboards with new drawers, new cupboards, new range hood.
Kept the retro mosaic glass tiles, stone counter tops, convenient big sink; at the moment all appliances are still working well.
Moved up the ovens for easier access.
I like the open crockery cupboard.
The chandeliers are  Murano antiques.

All the work was done by a local business, Currumbin Kitchen design. 

Many drawers are handy, some are deep for pots and pans and such,  others for utensils. Keeps everything in its place, efficiently and tidy.

the kitchen nook, the place to sip a Campari.. with lots of ice, Tonic and Lemon!

A Thermomix, my lovely neighbour said "posh"; I said no, no, it makes for efficient cooking. Good and healthy food is such an essential and a well organised kitchen helps a lot. Yes, I know, I could cook a good meal if I had just a fire and one pot!

I love open shelving, very handy! My little farm animals, a reminder of the grazing property; sometimes I really miss it, the freedom of a great space, green, golden, brown, with  a sun setting, big and red never seen here....wandering down to the sluggish river, deep and dark; dogs and even Tomy the Manx in tow,,,such wonderful times never repeated.  

Pottery plates from another time, long past, from two very talented artists in Kilchberg ZH. On top of the shelf  the fine Pottery, sculpted and painted Majolica made by my very talented daughter Lilli.

The faucet on the right is water from a very deep well, luckily beautifully sweet and mineral rich.
On the left town water.

Billy loves the kitchen for tidbits falling from heaven.

I have not tidied up the kitchen for the photos; after all it is a kitchen, sometimes tidy sometimes not.

,,the old tired looking kitchen.

©Photos Ts/Titania- Everyday;


  1. It is a wonderful transformation. It will be fun to work in there and your dog loves the floor. You have made some great changes which are necessary once in a while.

  2. Thank you Larry, yes I do like it very much, NOW.

  3. Oh wie schön! Ein zauberhaftes Reich für eine wunderbare Köchin, schade wohne ich nicht in der Nähe, ansonsten würde ich gerne einmal Platz nehmen und eine kleine Mahlzeit mit dir geniessen (lächel)
    En Guete wünscht dir Elfe