Monday, 7 March 2016

Monday; clean it...

Monday, a new week and my world needs from time to time a good clean inside and out.  I do not use harsh cleaning agents inside or out. Outside its mainly hand- and will power, a hoe and a rake, secateurs and a few other handy tools.

 Inside mainly the same, hands on with water, rags,  Lavender oil,  and a few other benign helpers.

we have to commit quite an amount of our time to clean up. Make our home and garden livable. Clean up, inside and outside, needs a good portion of my time, when I would rather like to do something else. I have to put myself  psychologically into a cleaning mood. not forget a cup of  tea; mine a Mumbai chai.

Then I develop these spurts of energy to tackle areas which have not been touched for a while,  in the garden, cleaning it of weeds and  over growth of plants who have outlived their welcome.
In the home, bookshelves, cupboards, cleaning  and ridding them of overdue and hoarded stuff. 


 Cleaning is not titled creative but in a strange way quite satisfactory once all is clean  and back to order until next time. 
How about you? Are you in a cleaning mood today? 
 Enjoy a nice week.

It is autumn, cooler, time to use some elbow grease.

©Photos/Text Ts Titania-Everyday

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