Saturday, 19 March 2016

Sepia Saturday 322; 19/03/2016

... I can hear the new-born lambs bleating and my very being cries out "Spring". Following that load of nonsense I had better extend my apologies to Sepians everywhere and get down to business - 

Love, whose month is ever May,
 Spied a blossom passing fair 
Playing in the wanton air.
W. Shakespeare; Love's Labour's Lost  Act 4 Scene 3 

Yes, we are ready for the cooler season and I am looking forward to it. 

Back to some long gone spring days.

I have a Photo from around 1976 ; An ewe had twins and she accepted only one. One of the babies had to be bottle fed,  (Where is this darn photo?)


My youngest daughter had always a love and special touch for birds or animals.
There was always one who needed special care and she was the one to provide the love and care.

It was a time when colour photos were new and nobody wanted  to take photos in sepia or  black and white.

Photos Ts


  1. These are such a sweet photos. I really like the one of your daughter and the duck. A wonderful expression on her face.

  2. Lovely choices for the theme. Spring and Autumn too are seasons of change, which I think inspires artists more than the other seasons of extremes.

  3. My son was the same with caring for animals! He was devastated when he killed a ducking with love (squeezed it too hard).

  4. What a sweet photo of your daughter and duck. I bet she would have taken care of that little lamb. Darn that mother sheep anyway! How dare she!

  5. What a sweet and adorable photo, for great memories for years to come!

  6. Both are lovely photos. I wonder if the one little lamb was sickly to begin with? That might account for the mother not feeding it. The photo of your daughter with the duckling is adorable.

  7. Those lambs are so tiny and sweet. It's always sad when a ewe rejects one of her lambs. Thank goodness your daughter was there to help!
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  8. I agree with everyone else, that is a lovely photograph of your daughter with the duckling and flower. You can tell the other photo is from the 1970s from its faded colour.

  9. cute photo of daughter and duckling

  10. How wonderful that you have these pictures to look back on :)

  11. Both photos are delightful, and I really like the Shakespeare quote too.