Sunday, 29 April 2018

Close your eyes...

A disaster like Fukushima must not be further reported by  the western
mainstream media , owned by the psychopathic oligarchy. They do not want you to know about it.  Close your eyes and all is well.

Chernobyl’s reactor No. 4 in Ukraine suffered several explosions, blew apart and burned for 40 days, sending clouds of radioactive materials high into the atmosphere, and spreading fallout across the whole of the Northern Hemisphere — depositing cesium-137 in Minnesota’s milk.

Fukushima-Daiichi came 25 years later.
Contamination of soil, vegetation and water is so widespread in Japan that evacuating all the at-risk populations could collapse the economy, much as Chernobyl did to the former Soviet Union. For this reason, the Japanese government standard for decontaminating soil there is far less stringent than the standard used in Ukraine after Chernobyl.

Yes, what can we do? There are still many, non informed people who advocate more Nuclear Power Plants. Where does stupidity end? Probably as long as it makes a lot of money it never does? Perhaps one day people must eat the money because their might be no food around anymore. Or evolution makes a turn to adapt life on earth to nuclear fallout, if earth still exists. Just as well we will never know,

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