Saturday, 1 January 2011

Sepia Saturday; Franz and Emilie Stefanie;

Franz, born 1912 was my mother's brother. He and Emilie Stefanie got married in 1941.
Their life together did not last long as he was killed in 1945. He died in East Prussia, shortly after he was captured by the Russians, he stood on a mine and was killed.

Emilie Stefanie remarried much later in 1961. She died in 2005, she was 92 years old.
She never had children.

I have never met them. I think there was sort of a misunderstanding between my mother and her. I do not exactly know what happened. I know she wanted to come and live with us after Franz died and did not return from the war. All I know, my mother did not let her, she had a certain dislike against her. I do not know why and I do not know what sort of cause could have instigated this. This photo was all that was left in our house of the two.

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  1. Nice photo. I like the old fashion film images.

  2. I think it is so good that you have this photo of your uncle and his wife. What great sadness was ahead of them, little did they know when this photo was taken.
    I find that it is impossible to untangle family history, some times we just have to accept it as we can never know the answer.
    I am sure you mother would have had what she thought was a very good reason for saying no to your aunt living with you.

  3. Every family has its mysteries.

  4. It is an interesting and sad outcome. It is a good thing you have the photo to log it's history.

  5. Bella immagine vintage !
    Buona giornata e felice anno 2011 :)

  6. Trudi, it's my first visit here and I'm fascinated by your posts and photos. So sad for this couple that they only had a few years together.