Sunday, 26 February 2012

Monday; A passion in life;

Passion from the Ancient Greek verb paskho meaning to suffer is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.
The term is also often applied to  an eager interest  for a cause  an activity or love - to a feeling of unusual excitement, enthusiasm or compelling emotion, a positive affinity  towards a subject, idea, person, or object.

Everybody should be passionate about something in life.  I am passionate about  nature, growing plants.
Sometimes I think the garden consumes me, but I wont complain as it is a passion and has no limits.

One day I will evaporate in  my garden like water droplets at sunrise.

Probably I will haunt this garden as long as it will exist. I will look over the shoulders of the next generation of gardeners; and he or she will shrug me away like a mosquito.

Here she is,  Jacquei, blue jersey, black pants, on a charity  bike ride.

My middle daughter is passionate about her bike. She has all the trimmings for it. She joins big bike tours.
Her last bike ride was from Broom to Perth , I think she pedaled  about 2400 km. Her next big bike tour will be from Darwin to Broom. 

Bill, Lilli's Partner is very passionate about his cars.  He is also a Pilot and is very passionate about flying.

He brings  "lotions" to polish my car to make it look perfect.  I am so not bothered when it comes to cars.  It does not matter to me what  sort of car I drive. 

My dearest Papa long past away  and my sister Rose.

My dad was very passionate about Mountains, Trees and Nature. He was a forester, managing  the forests of some municipalities.

My sister Rose was passionate about knitting. it was done to the highest standard. She knitted the most beautiful  jumpers, jackets, anything one could wear.

There is so much more, practically anything in Life one can be passionate about. At last but not at least LOVE ♥

If music be the food of love, play on
Shakespeare  Twelfth Night – Act 1, Scene 1

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  1. That pot of orchid is the most beautiful! Wonderful summary of what passion is about. I enjoyed reading this post a lot. TQ!! Indeed passion shows when the works of one's hands are done to the highest standard. Happy gardening!

    1. Stephanie, thank you so much for your kind comment. Anyway, when I look at your garden and your gardening skills with your potted plant, I say your are a very passionate gardener! T♥

  2. Oh what a lovely post....excellent photos too. I really like your comment about a man and his dreams...often it's all about cars and planes ...funny isn't it...for me yes a nice clean car is wonderful...but mostly I am powerless without my "wheels" and just as long as it gets me to where I need to be...what more do we really need? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. Karen, thank you for your kind words. I am the same with cars; here one would be lost without a car! To me, as long as it is reliable anything will do, even a buggy and a pony! True, there was for many years an old man who still used his buggy and his horse to go to town. I have not seen him now for a very long time, perhaps, sadly he has passed away.T♥