Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sepia Saturday 119 Work;

My father in the black jumper,he was always standing straight, never leaning, with some workmen in the woods,  here it seems they have a "smoko". I always liked this photo because it looks so relaxed and friendly.
He always told us to stand straight and not to lean!!
My father was not a smoker and not a drinker; he also did not like work in the office. He always made sure that he could spend a lot of time outside. When I was small he always took me for walks  into the forest and told me the names of the trees and showed me were the badgers lived.When I was older he taught me to shoot. He praised me when I made a good mark.  But there was no shooting birds or any animals. It was purely for sport, and he thought it was good if a girl or woman could also handle a gun with responsibility!
I think this photo is probably around 1933.

My grandmother of my fathers side with two of  her farmhands "making hay".
She was a  tiny woman with lots of stamina, always working hard, she was the  one to look after 
the farm, house, and children. 


  1. It must have been hard for your father to stand up straight and not lean when standing on the tree roots in that picture.

  2. You're so right -- the photo of your dad does look like he's among friends having a nice break from work. I'm drawn to those rakes in the second picture -- even though they don't have many teeth like rakes today, I'm sure that actually made it easier to drag the hay into piles without breaking it up. Nice photos!

  3. It's good that you have happy memories of your Dad teaching you some life lessons. He sounds lovely. He may be standing straight, but he's demonstrating his relaxed pose by casually parking his hands in his pockets.

  4. Nice post with memories and work from your family photos! That first one they all really appear to be having quite a bit of fun being together, working or not!

  5. Sounds like your dad was a wonderful father. Spending time with you and teaching you about things that were important to him. Great photos!

  6. An old farm on which I worked during school holidays had wooden rakes similar to those in your photo. I can still feel the blisters!

  7. Fascinating in the final image how they are spaced so far apart. The land was important and the photographer wanted to show it. Gives the image more perspective.

  8. Your father was quite a handsome man. I always wondered what was meant by "making hay while the sun shines'. I still don't know how to make hay but I love the photo.

  9. Tatiana, what sturdy and good looking folks are in your family! Wonderful, wonderful pictures.

    Thank you,

    Kathy M.

  10. Great photos! Yup the first photo is really captivating. There is so much to learn and lots of good memories from these sort of old photos. Now I wonder how the camera and photographer is like. Someone at that time has great passion in photography ;-)

  11. Truly two great pics!!
    Life seemed so simple back then,
    but I know it is only an illusion...