Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday; Fairy tale;

Flying to Rainbow;

.... they met by coincidence. Where are you flying to? I am traveling to Rainbow; ah, interesting, I am visiting there as well, it is a cheerful and beautiful place.That was fast;  we, are already landing; It really looks beautiful, different to any place I have been. Where are you staying? I am staying in that  dreamy, yellow house over there, draped with pink and purple Bougainvillea. How extraordinary it is my destination too.  I am glad I met you, let me help you with your luggage, as we are going to the same place.  It is such a pretty place, look at the Jasmine creeping through the windows and Almond trees have showered their frothy petals over the door steps.  How lovely the sun sets, pink and blue, green  and gold ; two grey heads leaning towards each other, holding hands with a knowing and soft understanding. A glass of red, a cuddle here and a whisper there, the fish frying, bravely overdone and the salad greens waiting with wilting leaves while they dance and flirt in a yellow house scented with Jasmine in the late spring afternoon.

This is a Fairy tale, any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental.

Dedicated to all oldies young at heart.



  1. Wonderful place and fairy tale! The beautiful flowers and nice fragrance make the story more romantic.

  2. I think this fairy tale place is your garden. Super rose shots especially the header. Thank you for the comment about Sat Sepia. I used to join memes but I found it hard to keep up with all the reciprocal commenting.

  3. your wonderful garden is a fairy tale. I would love to sit and just enjoy the beauty.

  4. I hope this fairy tale continues. I would love to hear more of this story. What a wonderful place to stay!

  5. Stephanie ♥ Diane ♥ Ann ♥ and Carla...thank you for enjoying, it shows even as adults we are not immune to a fairy tale, and I think this is wonderful.