Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday; a walk in the village cont.

Ponds and new plantings of trees, a heaven for wildlife;

I live opposite this lovely place,  between the trees is just a little of the roof visible;

The village green; doesn't this scene make  one want to  run, skip and jump... and play with a big red ball?

Trees provide a great play area;

Native, pink  Strawflowers in a garden;

Not much traffic, we saw a couple of cars and  a man on a horse;

Back at our doorstep.


  1. A beautiful area especially for kids.

  2. Diane, yes, that it is for sure. The Currumbin river is quite shallow there and would be a great place for children to build a dam or play with small boats etc. No children at all were around. I think children are kept from being adventurous, as they are carted every where to play sports or dance or whatever can be organised. I personally think that there is to much organised for the children. I remember my children they were playing with children from the village, they went with their bikes and scooters (no helmets then) and came home hungry and thirsty and completely happy. No organised sports, piano lessons and school time was organised. Well I guess times have changed, and you as a teacher must have seen so many changes. Happy days to you and Bill.